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Puddleglum's Misery

Fisherman's Friend

Tall Ships

Limehouse Reach

The Plymouth Press Gang

Rio Grande

Three Score and Ten

Drink to the Laddies

Shoals of Herring

When We Take 'Em Over

Ten Thousand Miles Away

Click Go the Shears

Bound for Australia

Dancing on the Hoe

Sweet Maid of Madiera

Bullgine Run

Morning Shanty

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Flash Jack

Old Moke

Flash Company

Hopping Down in Kent

Sailing Widow

New York Girls

Quinze Marins

The Bellringing

Paddy Lay Back

Herbert the Sherbert

Moll in the Wood

Crossing the Bar

Haul Away Joe

Little Pot Stove


Hob y Derri Dando

Little Ball of Yarn

Three Jolly Fishermen

Cheerily Man

Our 'Patriotic Bit'

Being a Pirate

£10 (+P&P)

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£18 (+P&P)

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